The aroma is one of the first qualities that beer is judged on. Keep in mind that aspects ranging from the temperature to the amount of time that passed since you opened the bottle can affect the aroma and bouquet. Overall, aroma is based on hops, esters, malt and aromatics. Descriptions ranging from piney to citrusy often describe a beer's aroma.
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Color, clarity and foam all play a role in a beer's appearance. The appearance can vary, though, depending on the lighting and background you are viewing the beer against. For the most accurate view, use either a white background or natural light.
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While the flavor may be similar to the aroma, it focuses on the beer's finish and aftertaste as well as characteristics such as balance and bitterness.
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Taste is probably the most obvious quality that comes to mind when you think of evaluating beer. There are six types of flavors that you can differentiate when you taste beers:
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After you've evaluated everything from the aroma to the taste, consider and rate your overall enjoyment. Did the beer meet or exceed your expectations? Was the experience pleasurable or lacking in any way?
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